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Oracle's Gate
A luminous archway glowing fibers & melodic ambient waves of musicsupports an immense digital face [‘Oracle’] watching and speaking. Beyond, a dramatically lit ‘floating’ platform [‘Temple’] draws visitors into an opportunity to control the oracle. In the temple they view a POV of those beneath the gate. Movements of their head, mouth and eyes are translated to the avatar. A microphone feeds their spoken prophecy through an audio processor to scramble it to a melodic unintelligibility, producing the voice of the oracle.

concept designed Jun 2018
A Luminance Within
Movement performers are enveloped in a 3d projected model of their internal organs, generate through live ultrasound scans of their bodies as they hold specific poses.

concept designed Jan 2018

Angle of Incidence
A large fragmented mirror presents a shattered view in response to the viewers movements and designed to thwart attempts to capture their own image while moving lights cast glowing shards across the crowd.

concept designed August 2017

An audience entranced by oscillations projected onto a large sphere are made subjects of surveillance. Viewers in a remote location watch them through a half dome viewing pool reminiscent of televoyant arcane viewing implements. The movements and of these voyeurs are then translated to manipulate the sphere's projections.

concept designed August 2017

Participants one two sides of a semi-translucent screen view each other through models of cloud-chamber particle dynamics which are live manipulated using geosensors of their movements.

concept designed April 2015