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Radiant Flux

light and surface manifolds
Reactive tessalation & light-casted recursions

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Phases in Architecture
To make apparent the architectural effects of environments through reflections on surrounding walls and the phasing and interference artifacts produced upon the projected frequencies.

Accoustics & Architecture
Universal Content

Galactic formations from the cracks in a screen reflect on shrinking interactions with the universe in existence beyond it's borders.

(Motion || Dissolution)

Only constant interaction gives form and connection. Momentary rest only dissolves the digital self.

Serve Yourself

Guests dine at a table mapped with geometric forms and manipulated video of themselves


Glowing rolling lines && scientific hardware

Research Expansion

Inner structure of object manifold

Urban Fragmentation

Crystaline forms on urban detritus

Janet & Walter Sondheim Semifinalist Exhibition 2018; Baltimore, US


merging : diverging paths from two cities


Interactive installation
surveillance vs. privacy

flashing images of showering individuals, digitally destroyed
[TRT: 33:45]
Thought & Distraction

Who's Watching

an interactive immersive critique of surveillance society in which participants simultaneously undertake the rolls of viewer and viewed.
made possible through the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund.
Participants in two spaces are surrounded by projections of those in the other while opening themselves to further data collection and biometric cataloguing.

On Surveillance

Celestial I & II

Interactive pair exploring celestial bodies

GUISE at Maryland Art Place; Baltimore, US

Installation New Memphis

Vignettes of a dystopian future in a isolated city where a wealth based on electricity is centralized.

ZONES Arts Fair; Miami, US
Barbarella; Daegu, SK