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Radiant Flux
n. Radiant energy emitted, reflected, transmitted or received, per unit time.

Exploring aspects of the interplays of light and surface. The piece operates as a fragmented mirror of passing viewers while casting shards of sunlight by day and colors by night. The reflections cast upon the environment are then seen once again in the reflections thereof. Radiating circular rings of the tessellated disc move in accordance with participant motion, with certain actions trigger pre-programed patterns.


Depth-based video is sent to Processing where individual motion is extrapolated. This is used as (or selects) a pattern then sent as addressed serial values to an Arduino, which in turn converts these to I2C to a series of PCA9685 PWM controller boards - each handling sixteen servos.

The audio is comprised of sound recordings using exclusively metal, glass and water with additional sounds derived from recordings of solar wind, the Voyager probe and Apollo 10. The live sound is a combination of a pre-produced 46 minute loop and sounds / ambiance triggered by patterns and motion.


Main Source Code

Servo Alignment Tool

Arduino Code: Two byte binary serial from Processing, not text. Converts for I2C on eight PCA9685 boards


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