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My work conceptualizes the collection and handling of data, information and memory through the lenses of hierarchy and complexity in the domains of personal, social, scientific and political dynamics. These ideas shape the external and internal world we live in: from the overarching use and misuse of data collection by governmental/corporate organizations, to experimental inquiry, to the experiential dissection our lives and environments.

As systems advance to maintain ever greater records of our actions, I seek to address the controls of production and access, while considering how personal memory is shaped by growing archives of our own lives. My work attempts to provide a forward-looking approach to the ways these technologies enhance our lives through shared science, ideas and understanding to help steer towards future utopias. I investigate these concepts using a combination of technologies and interpersonal engagements to provide extensions of modern capabilities.

Every new technology or creative use thereof bears forth boons and detriment to the societies in which it participates. Many of our greatest technological achievements came from or were absorbed by problematic programs - creative uses rapidly supplanted and coopted into corporate or military strategies to maintain market dominances or political hegemony. These often exploit and exacerbate already existing social hierarchies, dependencies and disfranchisements, or produce new ones that current systems are not prepared to handle. These can be recently seen locally with such programs as Baltimore’s ‘Persistent Surveillance’ spy plane program and globally with mass expansion privacy compromises under the guise of pandemic response. I seek not only to help fill in where these systems are the detriment, but also produce works which can demonstrate positive directions they might take.