10 May 2024

The quantum dance explorationHomodyne will be performed opening night of Mapping Festival in Genève, CH.

The immersive exoplanetary inspired animation and soundtrack Hyperspectral will also be exhibited at Mapping Festival in the Syllepse [date to be determined].

Soundtrack to these and several other works now been made available through Bandcamp.


The latest revision of Exquisite Corpus presented at the Siggraph Asia 2023 Art Gallery in Sydney, AU. [Dec 2023]

Live music performance, including use of the Tangiball Spherical Looper, at Shut Up and Listen! 2023, Vienna, AT. [Oct 2023]

The interactive immersive work Self Dissolution presented for interaction during the opening evening of the Ars Electronica Festival as part of "Interplayful Sensoric Environments – Part II" at Deep Space 8k of the Ars Electronica Center [Sep 2023]

The immersive dance Homodyne performed during "Deep Stage - Part II" of the Ars Electronica Festival at Deep Space 8k of the Ars Electronica Center [Sep 2023]

1000 Hungry Eyes presented for the Arse Elektronika festival at DH5.[Sep 2023]

Exquisite Corpus presented as part of the XR experience of the xCoAx conference, with panel presentation and research publication

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